The Perished Glory – Ep 3

23rd June 2006

A commercial pilot by profession, Captain Samay Razdaan was a charming and one of the most sought bachelors. An obvious favorite among the air hostesses, he took some pride in rejecting never ending proposals from some of the most beautiful women around. But today was an exception. Due to fly the Jet Airways flight to Brussels, he had no idea of what was hidden beneath the cape of destiny. Least did he know, that his life was swiftly en route to a rapid turn.

As he hurried to the boarding gate, he heard a woman trying to convince the personnel about something,

“Look, I really need to board this flight. I am sure there’s been a mistake. I’m Barkha Gautam and am on a student exchange program through Delhi University. Please check again, you’ve to let me get on this flight, please try to understand,” explained the lady to the ground staff who didn’t seem to be letting her through the gate.

Samay couldn’t notice the long brown hair swaying to the delicate movement of her neck, often obstructing her focus, as she argued with the ground staff. She wore a laid back lavender lounge wear which seemed to suit her alluring silhouette with much elegance. All he needed was an introduction to the lady, whom he was already fallen for. “I wonder how she looks,” thought Samay, walking towards the arguing duo.

Samay : May I help you?

The almost teary eyed face slowly looked at him and all seemed quiet for a moment. The big green almond eyes, adorned with ready to drop tears, ivory complexioned face and fuller lips, he wondered if women today looked any beautiful sans make up! He knew, she was the one.

Samay : What’s the matter Ankita? (He asked to the ground staff)

Ankita : Sir, she’s Miss Barkha Gautam. She says she is booked with our flight, but her name doesn’t show on our data. I am trying to call the concerned officer, but no one seems to be taking the call.

Samay : Go to the Level 1 control room and look for Dheeraj Rathod, tell him to call me on channel 4.

Ankita : Okay sir.

Samay : (Looking at Barkha) I am sorry for all the mess which I am sure you mustn’t have expected especially when you’re flying for the first time.

Barkha : (Confused) First time? How can you be so sure?

Samay : Don’t be offended (smiling). Your demeanor and that slight quiver in your voice with those helpless expressions, which I rather find cute if I may say, reflect so.

Barkha : (Smiling) Oh, need to work on that I guess. Makes me too predictable it seems.

Ankita : Sir, Dheeraj sir is on channel 4.

Samay : Thank you lovely lady. You’re the kindest soul I’ve met today.

Samay was known to be one of the most cherished and well behaved gentleman with ladies, no matter what rank they held. Dheeraj was his childhood friend. They both aimed at becoming pilots and owing to their outstanding academical performances, they both got through every level on the path of achieving their dreams. Dheeraj served with the Abacus Airlines earlier, but following the downfall of its owner, he applied for the position in Jet Airways.

After a fifteen minutes long conversation with Dheeraj, the mater was finally resolved.

Samay : I am extremely sorry on behalf of our airlines staff Ms Barkha. Owing to a slight ongoing technical glitch, something seems to have gone wrong with the data. You are definitely here on our list of passengers. You’re clear to board the flight please.

Barkha : (Relieved) I hope your flight system has no technical defaults Captain Razdaan (giggles and leaves).

Samay’s eyes lay fixed on her, until she disappeared into the crowd of boarding passengers.

25 years old, Samay was the eldest of the two children of Ganraj and Kalpana Razdaan. Even though they came from a rural background, in terms of education and thinking capability, his being born in the metropolitan city of Mumbai was a great reason behind his refined upbringing. Having shifted to Jaipur, which was closer to their wide circle of relatives, Kalpana Razdaan was rigid about not relocating again. Jaipur was like coming back to her roots and the people she missed while bringing up her children in Mumbai, since Ganraj Razdaan had a job there.

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