The Perished Glory – Ep 5

9 a.m.

The phone rang. Awoken by the sudden ringing, Barkha glanced at the clock. “Holy Molly! I overslept!”


“Good morning Miss Gautam. There’s one Mr. Razdaan here to see you” said the receptionist on the other end.

Surprised, she said “Please tell him to wait, I will be down in a moment, thank you.”

It is a fact undeniably true, that a woman’s greatest worries begin and end with her wardrobe! She settled for a long white maxi flare dress and a denim bolero jacket over it. The tiny white pearl stud earrings were simply the right match for the ensemble. Barkha was amazed and in dilemma about Samay’s intentions. Her seriousness in academics was to such an extent that she kept any relationship prospects during her student years, at bay. Pushing away all the clouding thoughts, she hurriedly opted for a blue stone bracelet to complete the look. She hated the idea of carrying purses and always preferred sling bags.

Twenty-five minutes later, she stepped out of the elevator and headed towards the visitor’s lounge, where Samay waited for her.

Springing to his feet, bemused by her appearance, he said “To say that you look beautiful would be too less of a compliment.”

Barkha : Please say something that I am unaware of. I must say you pull off the city guy look pretty well. Cargos and T, not bad Mr. Pilot.

Samay : Ah! Someone had raised eyebrows on ‘self-appreciation’ last time, as I recall!

Barkha : (Giggling) Memory lapse!

And they both laughed as they walked out of the hotel. Even though the temperature hadn’t dropped down a lot, but the breeze was lending some shivers to the much-welcomed winter mornings.

Barkha : Where are we going?

Samay : Kokob. It’s one of the finest restaurants in Brussels. Just two blocks from here, at Rue des Grands Carmes.

Barkha : Let me take a guess, you are a vegetarian?

Samay : (Not knowing how to react and giving in) Yes! Is it embossed in my face! What did I at all say to make it so obvious to you?

Barkha : Well, I always do my research about specific dining places whenever I am visiting alien lands you see.

Samay : Ah, detective Barkha Gautam, hmmm. Let me guess….

Barkha : (Interrupting as he spoke) Yes yes yes, I am born with the same defect if one may call it. Stark vegetarian.

The evening went past and a new romance had begun. The days that followed were one of the best moments of Barkha’s life. Whenever Samay would leave, following his flight schedules, Barkha would focus on her University course. She studies day and night to be able to give an uninterrupted time to Samay whenever he flew back to Brussels, which happened about once a week. The romance turned into commitment as the days passed. Finally, Barkha’s student exchange program came to an end and it was time for her to return to India. Samay was scheduled to fly to New Delhi as well, but on another Jet Airways flight.

He alone knew how he curbed the desire to hold her in his arms and feel her presence to the fullest. In an instantaneous moment, he bent forth and kissed her on her lips, “See you at the Delhi airport”, he said and left for his gate.

Left surprised, Barkha felt herself blushing and closed her eyes, afloat in the still lingering first kiss. Recollecting herself, adorned in the first love’s gleam, she walked towards her boarding gate.

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