Episode 6

After arriving at the Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi, Barkha was received by Samay. She wanted him to meet her parents, but before she could express her desire, Samay said “Mind if I come along and personally give my regards to Mr. and Mrs. Gautam? I am sure they must have come to receive you.”

Barkah : Yes, I would be more than happy!

Raghaven and Anjum Gautam were looking at the arrivals gate eagerly, after all it was the first time their daughter had travelled without them anywhere at all. They could see their daughter exiting and walking towards them, but to their amazement, she wasn’t alone. Where on one hand Raghaven was secretly overjoyed on his daughter’s seemingly splendid choice, owing to the easily noticeable ease between the two, Anjum was secretly punching the man walking besides her daughter right on face, all credit to her motherly dominance. Barkha hugged the two and introduced them to Samay.

While Barkha was wondering if it was really a good decision to walk along like that with Samay which had seemingly left her mother shocked, Samay was enjoying the whole scenario. Only Barkha could understand the wicked grin and the funny message that was written on his face for her, “enjoy the tet-e-tete with mommy dearest cupcake!”, he whispered in her ear.

As soon as the greetings were exchanged, Raghaven didn’t skip a moment to invite Samay over for dinner on the weekend, to which he charmingly agreed, and they parted.

Anjum : Barkha, let’s go to the hospital first, looks like your father had a stroke of inviting strangers over for dinner again!

Barkha preferred to keep quiet but could not help from a chuckle.

Raghaven : Come on Anjum! Now do not say that you couldn’t see what I could! I like the boy. I know what is going on Barkha. Let us not stretch it too far Anjum. If they are serious about it, it is a yes from me.

Anjum : I want to know all about what your father just said Barkha!

And Barkha knew that interrogation room wasn’t far away. As soon as they reached home, Anjum was onto it.

Anjum : I want to know about their caste, their family and everything I must know.

Barkha : Mom, all you must know from me is that I love him and I want to marry him. You have seen that he’s a well settled and well earning man capable enough to raise a family, if that is your concern. Caste is not my concern. Please feel free to ask anything about him or his family to him when he comes over for dinner. But mom, trust me, your daughter wouldn’t fall for any wrong person.

Things seem to have been running too fast. Anjum had planned so much for Barkha. Like any mother she too wished to see her daughter excel in career and be independent before getting into the chaos of family commitments. But Barkha’s heart seemed too firm and rigid and Samay seemed a good man. Yet Anjum couldn’t completely agree in her heart, even though she smiled affirmingly to Barkha.

The weekend was just a day away and Barkha knew Samay’s context of visit.

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