The Perished Glory – Ep 8

Samay promised Mr. and Mrs. Gautam that he would reveal it all to his parents the following evening and left.

It was almost 8 am on the following Sunday and Samay, usually an early riser was still dream deep in sleep. Awakened by continuous buzzing of his phone and more than sure that it was Barkha, he answered the call,

“Hey beautiful, morning kisses to my cupcake!”

“Wake up idiot, it’s me, Sidhharth, and I definitely don’t resemble a cupcake and those kisses, eww!”

Startled and embarrassed, Samay woke up to the voice of his best buddy.

Sidhharth and Samay had been batchmates and shared a lovely bond. They knew each other since 12th standard and have been in constant touch ever since. Sidhharth was married to Tanushree and they were celebrating their 1st anniversary.

“I hope you remember that I have successfully finished a year of my being tied up to a lioness for life!”, and bang came the sound from the other side, Samay couldn’t control his laughter as he heard Tanushree’s voice confronting Sidhharth on the other side, at the obvious reference drawn.

Sidhharth : We are keeping lunch at our place and you have to be here without any excuses.

Samay : Brother, there’s something I haven’t told you yet.

Sidhharth : Awesome! Since when has this been going on? By the way, beautiful choice I must say.

Samay : (Baffled) What is happening here? I was going to tell you something which apparently it seems you already know but how the hell is that even possible!

Sidhharth : Breathe bro, breathe!

Samay : Shut up and tell me now.

Sidhharth : Barkha Gautam, hmm, that girl who has aimed the cupid’s dart at you happens to be Tanushree’s parent’s neighbor. They stay just a block down the lane, where I happened to be last evening when I went to pick up Tanu from there. I saw you talking to her, all decked up with boxes in hands.

Samay : Oh, well, the thing is bro, the situation is a little delicate and I need to break the news to my parents today at any cost. Otherwise I would surely lose Mr. Gautam’s trust on this. I sought their permission to marry Barkha last night, they seem okay, but they want to meet my parents now.

Sidhharth : Oh My God! Perfect going bro. You know your mother well. What do I say, let’s meet tomorrow, you tackle your issues today and keep me posted.

Kalpana Razdaan was a graduate in education and taught in a school for few years. But soon after Samay’s sister’s birth she gave up her profession. Since then, she seemed to have taken up the dictatorial role at home a bit too seriously. Samay’s sister Kanika was married just two years ago, after an over stretched family drama due to the status differences and it being a love marriage.

The so far smooth affair of Barkha and Samay took a rapid turn when he finally spoke to his parents in the evening. Kalpana was totally upset, anxious and rattled to the limits. On the other hand, Bhaskar was happy on the prospect but was too scared to express it, owing to Kalpana’s thoughtless rejection.

The rough patch had just begun.

After trying to persuade Kalpana for almost 4 months, Samay was now adamant. His 3 month long course, mandatory for AI pilots, was coming up and he was to leave for Australia in a week. Kalpana was always boastful about Samay’s job and financial worth. And Samay knew his next approach.

Samay : Ma, I have decided to quit this job. I can do something while staying here.

Kalpana : Are you insane? Don’t you dare talk like that about your achievements.

Samay : I am not talking ma. I am telling you, that either agree to this matrimony and do the roka (a pre engagement ceremony to affirm the matrimony) ceremony before I leave for my course, or else I will leave this job.

Kalpana was shocked at this development. But no one knew her better than herself.

She agreed, rather too easily and early, to Samay’s obvious amazement.

The following week, a quick ceremony was held with only Samay’s and Barkha’s parents, Samay’s sister, Barkha’s brother and the two of them. Things went by too casually and it didn’t go unnoticed by the Gautam’s. And midst all this just when the Gautam’s were leaving after the ceremony, Kalpana whispered something in Anjum’s ears which left Anjum with expressions of disappointment.

While they drove back home, Anjum was too quiet and Raghaven knew that Kalpana was the reason for that. It wasn’t right to talk about it in Barkha’s presence, so he decided to keep mum until the right moment.

On the other hand, Kalpana was desperately waiting for her son to leave for Australia. Because only then, she would be able to pursue her plan.

Samay was due to leave after two days. And Barkha was already weaving a life with him in her thoughts, not knowing, what Kalpana was weaving on the other hand.

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