The Perished Glory – Ep 11

Barkha was scheduled for the first ever interview call for a prestigious firm in the city and was enthusiastic to the brim. She wanted to share her happiness with Samay. Just then Samay called up. But before Barkha could utter anything, he said,

“I need to meet you as soon as possible. My happiness knows no bounds my would be!”

Barkha : You sound really happy Samay. What is it?

Samay : Not like this. It’s the biggest joy of my life and I am not sharing it just on a phone call! Let’s meet tomorrow Barkha. Starbucks?

Barkha : Okay. I have to go to the library tomorrow. I will meet you after that. Will 1 p.m. suit you?

Samay : Of course!

After all that had happened between the families, Samay knew that he had to discuss things with Barkha before he faces her parents. Barkha was overjoyed, as she had cleared the interview which was preponed for the same evening. and was scheduled to begin working as the next month begins. She saw Samay waiting for her at the café. He ran and hugged her and without wasting any time, he shared his reason of happiness. Barkha jumped gleefully upon hearing it all.

Samay : But there’s a little something, which I am sure, is just a little something to be done from your side.

He had never spoken in that tone before. Not that it was rude, but there was something demanding in the way he spoke.

Samay told all the three conditions which Kalpana Razdaan had kept in front of Barkha.

Samay : But I am sure, it’s not a big deal right? I want you, you want me, that’s all we have ever asked for from each other.

Barkha : Samay, I have been selected at a leading firm here as process associate. They have asked me to begin from next month onwards.

Samay was shocked and Barkha was surprised at his reaction.

Samay : Barkha, I have waited for this moment since long. Don’t spoil it like this!

Barkha counldn’t speak. She didn’t know what to say. There was a quiet turbulence going on inside her. She knew, she could already hear Samay’s persuasion. But what came next was the first blow from Samay.

Samay : Listen, I love you and you know the truthfulness of my words, I have not sought anyone but you and I don’t see anyone else as my companion, but you. Don’t mistake me as being harsh on you, call me selfish or adamant to have you, you have to choose, either your job, or me.

From somewhere deep inside her heart, she blurted out,

“You, it’s You”, and then went quiet.

Barkha excused herself by saying that she has been called by her father and left.

Of course, Samay could see the pain in her eyes and he could see the assurance too in those eyes, and he chose to ignore the pain for that moment.

Barkha drove home in tears, which never found their way out of her eyes. She loved Samay and knew that one of them has to face the inner dejection. She chose that for herself.

As soon as she reached home, Anjum sensed her unrest. Anjum had a habit of constantly poking the subject till the time it wasn’t unraveled in front of her. This is seemingly true with all mothers, or must I say it is the way they care.

Barkha told everything to Raghaven and Anjum.

Raghaven : Barkha, I understand it would be difficult to step back, but please reconsider your decisions, I don’t think you should go ahead with this.

Anjum : You must not Barkha. It is just the beginning. Do you know what Kalpana had whispered that day in my ears? She had said that you are willing to marry their son for his money. (After pausing for a moment, she perceived Barkha’s silence) You agreed to it, didn’t you?

Barkha looked at her mother and cried like a child, hugging her.

Barkha : (Sobbing) I really love him ma, but I never expected him to put me in such a situation. But I love him ma, it’s okay, I will be okay, I really want to go ahead with this. I really want to. Please just lend me your support in this, it will be a lot easier for me.

Anjum could see that forcing Barkha to change her decision would only serve to create distances, whereas, she needed them the most at this moment.

Raghaven remained quiet. Barkha’s brother was unable to understand the whole scenario, but all of that didn’t matter, because what mattered was that someone had the heart to make his sister weep like never before.

As the Gautams juggled with their respective emotions, the phone rang. It was Bhaskar Razdaan.

Bhaskar : Hello Mr. Gautam. I hope all of you are doing well. Samay told us about the new developments and I believe, before anything else happens, let us get them married by first week of the coming month.

Raghaven : Well, Mr. Razdaan, isn’t that a bit too early? There is so much to be done.

Bhaskar : I think early is better. I can’t see my son in this state anymore. Besides he needs to get back at flying too. He cannot sit at home like this for so long. I hope you are understanding.

Raghaven looked at his daughter and agreed.

The two were married on the 8th of November. Kalpana had kept quiet in her obvious state of shock throughout the ceremonies. And Barkha had taken first step on the ladder that would lead her to wither.

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