The Perished Glory, Ep-22

It had barely been few days since Barkha reached Rome with her family. They were just beginning to settle when Advocate Sahoo called.

Sahoo: I am sorry to bother you at this hour Ms. Barkha, but I think you should take the next flight to New Delhi. The court battle could prove to be uglier than we thought. It would be better if I can guide you regarding the entire procedure, face-to-face.

Barkha: (Trying not to stammer) But…..okay…….but does it mean that Kabir’s custody could now be difficult to attain?

Sahoo: Let’s not be negative Barkha. Come over as soon as you can.

Anjum and Raghaven awaited Barkha’s narration of the conversation, but at the same time, lacked the heart to bear it.

Barkha fell on her knees and Kabir came running towards her. She hugged him and broke into tears, as if that was the last time they were going to be close to each other.

The four embarked upon the most difficult journey of their lives the following morning. A trial that would change Barkha’s life forever awaited her arrival.

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