The Perished Glory – Ep 13

The days and the nights, all seemed same. Nothing made any difference to her since the harsh truth of her existence midst falsities had come to light. She wondered, was it meant to be like this? How would the life be if truth had been kept from her? Peaceful on behalf of the man she loved at least?

Barkha kept everything from her parents. She didn’t want them to get involved unnecessarily in a rut which was not theirs to endure. It was as though everything was beyond her comprehensible bounds. Everything was snatched from her, all at once. And the biggest fear loomed over her mind and heart, the fear of losing Kabir to their tricky minds. She didn’t want to stay in that house for another moment.

A legal advice had become imperative for her. She needed to step out for that, which was impossible, especially after what had happened. And then Priyanka’s name flashed.

“Yes, why didn’t I think of her before!” she spoke to herself.

Priyanka was Kalpana’s kitty group’s friend Ritu Lamba’s daughter. There was a time, when Kalpana wanted Priyanka to be her daughter-in-law. But Priyanka, being close family friends, knew her well, and had warned her mother Ritu, to clearly deny any such prospects. The familial relations were still good though and Priyanka was the only girl, with whom Barkha could go for outings like shopping and little errands without Kalpana sticking by all the time.

Barkha dialed Priyanka’s number.

Priyanka : Hello madam, how’s life? How is the little one doing?

Barkha : Priyanka, we need to talk, I need your help.

Priyanka : Barkha, I sense tension, what is it? Please tell me!

Barkha : I will. But I can’t right now. Please call my mother-in-law and take her permission for shopping or anything and make sure you are compelling that I bring Kabir along.

Priyanka : Okay. Alright, I will do it right away. You please take care of yourself. This is going to stay between us only.

Barkha : Thank you.

Barkha could hear Kalpana’s phone ring. She seemed to be disagreeing initially to Priyanka’s requests, but she knew Priyanka’s capability well. After about fifteen minutes, Kalpana came in Barkha’s room,

Kalpana: Prepare the lunch early today. Priyanka will come to take you and Kabir for shopping. She says she hasn’t bought anything for Kabir since a long time.

Barkha nodded. As soon as Kalpana left, Barkha gathered some documents and shoved them in her bag along with some necessary things for Kabir. After about an hour, Priyanka was at her doorsteps, restlessly waiting for her and Kabir.

As soon as they got into her car,

Priyanka : I can’t take the suspense anymore, please bless me with the revelation, I beg of you!

Barkha : (with expressionless eyes) Samay is seeing someone. I have been tolerating his parents’ misbehavior this long, but at least he was with me. And yesterday, his father slapped me Priyanka, Samay didn’t say a word (and suddenly she started sobbing uncontrollably). I don’t want to be weak Priyanka. I want to take this strongly. Please help me. I need to see a good advocate.

Priyanka : What! You have to get rid of these bastards. How the hell have you been tolerating this heap of nonsense? And you never told me! You should have had some faith in me!

After pausing for a moment.

Priyanka : Let me call my friend. He had done his internship under a renowned lawyer in Delhi. But we have just about 5 hours with us. I think we should just drive straight to that lawyer. Do you think Kabir will be comfortable? Should we leave him at your parents’?

Barkha : Mom would ask a hundred questions Priyanka. I know they have a right to know. But we don’t have enough time for all that. And I don’t know if they will stand with me in this decision. You know that society and what society thinks forms an important part in every parent’s decisions.

Priyanka : Well, you are mistaken here dear. But let’s do one thing, we will request the advocate to see us at the earliest. And I will inform your parents personally about everything right after dropping you off at your in laws’. They ought to know.

Barkha agreed. Priyanka spoke to Aniket Gupta, her friend, and they drove to Pitampura to see Advocate Sahoo, who dealt in marital law. They reached there in forty minutes, luckily because of less traffic. Advocate Sahoo was waiting for them as he had been informed by Aniket about their matter.

After listening to the entire matter, advocate Sahoo affirmed that they had a strong case for divorce. The custodial drama might stretch a bit though. But Barkha would surely win both the cases.

Advocate Sahoo : But if you want to file for divorce followed by the custodial fight, a notice has to be sent to your husband. I believe you are staying in the same house. Also, you must have some source of income and have to be financially stable.

Barkha : I am leaving for my parents’ tomorrow Mr. Sahoo. You may send the notice by day after, that is Tuesday.

They left the necessary documents there and drove back. Priyanka had already bought some stuff for Kabir to make their outing look authentic to Kalpana.

Barkha was scared, yet strong. She knew what she was doing. There was no looking back. Tomorrow was just few hours away.

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